Amneet & Gagan at Paradise Trust


Every New Year brings with it new hope and after the uncertainty of 2020, one thing Amneet and Gagan new was that they wanted to be together.

On New Year’s Day they made their way to Paradise in seperate cars, while Amneet travelled with friends who were excited about the ceremony. Gagan travelled with friends who had now clue they were going to be witnesses to his and Amneets long coming marriage ceremony.

With a well devised plan, the four unsuspecting guests found themselves waiting at the wedding arch at Paradise Trust where, Lesley Van Gelder announced what their expected roles for the coming nuptial would be.  One was to wait to walk Amneet down the aisle, one was to be Gagan’s Best Man, and the other two ladies were to be witnesses and all were to give speeches.

Rain threatened to change the venue plans all day, but as luck would have it the weather was stunningly dramatic and the surprise plan worked out perfectly.


What a perfect start to 2021.

Amneet getting ready at Paradise
Pre Wedding - Paradise Trust
Amneet getting ready at Paradise
Amneet & Gagan - Paradise Trust
Intimate wedding ceremony - Paradise Trust
Amneet's Wedding Vows
Gagan's Wedding Vows - Paradise Trust
Emotional Moments - Paradise Trust
Giving of rings - Boutique Wedding at Paradise Trust
The Rings in Paradise
First kiss as Mrs & Mrs
Fist pump - congratulation - Paradise Trust
Message from friends who couldn't be there - Paradise Trust
Amneet's Stunning Bridal Bouquet - Paradise Trust
Flowers by Orange Blossom Florals
Bridal bouquet and rings at Paradise Trust
Signing the marriage license
Paradise Wedding Arch
Gagan and Amneet take a moment for wedding photos
Dramatic and beautiful scenery at Paradise Trust
Bride and Groom at Paradise Trust
Amneet & Gagan at the Wedding Spot
Amneet & Gagan at Paradise Trust
Amneet and Gagan take a walk
Time to catch up - Mr and Mrs
Wedding cake topped with floral design
Fun and games as Gagan removes the garter
Unexpected catch of the garter
Paradise forest
Amneet & Gagan take a final walk in Paradise Forest
And then the rain came down at Glenorchy lake shore
Amneet & Gagan time to leave Glenorchy Lake Shore